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PrideVPN Internet Security.

Starting at $12.95 per month
  • Protection for every device you own
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Our Benefits

The Best Encryption Money Can Buy

PrideVPN uses the latest encryption technology that allows us to deliver two layers of protection for your data.

Unbelievable Performance

Get access to high speed servers that are always running seamlessly, so you can max out your internet connection.

All our plans have an easy setup process

Within minutes, you will have our VPN setup on every device you own.

Logging does not exist here

There is a strict policy that prohibits us from keeping logs of your data, meaning no third party can access that information.

Turn Off Any Leaks

There will be no IP address leaks when you are using our service. We have a kill switch that can automatically detect a hitch in the VPN connection and shut off internet to that device.

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Don’t settle for less, be fortified with a PrideVPN

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